The Coauthors . . . .

Presented by both patients and medical professionals alike!

  • The Patients!
    • Robert D. Holland, BSIS, Knee Replacement Patient -- both knees
    • Francine Campone, ED.D, MCC, Hip Replacement Patient -- both hips
  • The Medical Team!
    • Ronald R. Hugate Jr., MD FAAOS -- Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Giancarlo Checa, MD -- Anesthesiologist 
    • Inger Brueckner, MSPT -- Physical Therapist

Comments Throughout: To help you through this life-changing journey, Dr. Hugate, Robert and Francine comment on all the subjects answering the questions you would never think to ask. You become a part of the conversation instead of being lectured at with technical, medical jargon.

There are simply no other patient-education, medical handbooks out there like this. You won’t be disappointed with this easily understood and informative look at: The journey through Total Joint Replacement!

Robert says, "Even if you've been through a joint replacement before, there is a lot to know. Working with Dr. Hugate on this book about hip joint replacement surgery and knee joint replacement surgery was an education in and of itself and now that I've been through it all again recently in April of 2013, I found myself referring back to the handbook throughout this latest journey."