~ Ross Wilkins, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Wilkins’ Bio

Dr. Wilkins is the Medical Director for the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk and has 25 years of experience in bone grafting research, allograft research and evaluation and treatment of limb-threatening problems. Dr. Wilkins has published numerous articles and written book chapters regarding the use of allografts in the treatment of bone loss issues, including trauma, tumor and infection. Dr. Wilkins is the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board, which monitors and makes determinations regarding the safety and efficacy of allograft products, as well as donor criteria. Dr. Wilkins is also the founder of the Limb Preservation Foundation.

Limb Preservation Foundation™

The Limb Preservation Foundation was incorporated as a Colorado not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization on November 7, 2000. Prior to the time of formal incorporation, donations to indigent patient programs at the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk were administered by Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and later by HealthOne Alliance.

Dr. Wilkins Foreword

Dr. Wilkins:

"I encourage patient and physician alike to read this handbook and learn by its example. It sets a new standard for surgeon-patient communication."

Dr. Wilkins Foreword for the Hip and Knee Handbook:

Very often in considering decisions about their health care, patients become intimidated, confused, and disorganized when it comes to their thoughts about an upcoming intervention. To most people, surgery involves losing one’s consciousness, having to deal with pain, and significant physical and emotional stress. These issues can lead to less than satisfactory results in regards to their expectations and return to functional status.

Through their excellent treatment of this entire subject, this handbook dispels common misconceptions and explains the new and improved treatment options now available. Dr. Hugate and Mr. Holland (and their group of contributors) have collaborated to produce a very unique approach to the questions and decisions required when considering joint replacement.

Simply put, Dr. Hugate and Mr. Holland have developed a format for the conversation between the physician and the patient to assure that appropriate information is exchanged, explained, and understood. The end effect is that both patient and physician have significant understanding of the process and expected results. This is basically a “common sense” approach to major decisions that will affect the patient for the rest of their life. I encourage patient and physician alike to read this handbook and learn by its example. It sets a new standard for surgeon-patient communications. 

Ross M. Wilkins, M.D., M.S., Senior Medical Director for AlloSource:

In 1995, Allosource evolved from a local tissue bank in Denver, Colorado into a national organization serving communities around the country.

Today, AlloSource is one of the largest, most respected tissue banks in the United States. Through our growth we’ve remained committed to the wishes of donor families, the needs of our surgeon customers, and the hopes of our patient recipients. Our promise of “doing more with life” reflects our unwavering focus on integrity, quality, safety, and respect – today, and into the future..