~ Anesthesia: Dr. Giancarlo Checa, MD

Anesthesiologist: Dr. Giancarlo Checa

Dr. Checa:
"There are many factors to consider when choosing the anesthetic option that’s best for you. Safety will always be the top priority. Assuming that you don’t have any significant health concerns that limit your anesthesia options, I’ve found that most patients choose general anesthesia. While some adventurous folks enjoy experiencing their surgery first hand, most are more comfortable being completely asleep during the entire surgical procedure."

Dr. Checa is an anesthesiologist with a subspecialty in pain management for hip surgery and knee surgery as well as other surgical procedures. He practices in Denver and is a member of Metro Denver Anesthesia. He was raised in southern California and attended medical school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He then completed an Anesthesia Residency at Yale. Afterwards, he completed a Pain Management Fellowship at University of California San Francisco. Dr. Checa provides anesthesia for in-patient and out-patient surgeries. He also has a pain management practice with MD Pain.
Dr. Checa was born in Panama and speaks Spanish. He's married with two children and enjoys spending time with his family, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, skiing and traveling.