How will the reader use and benefit from this book on Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement?

We want our readers to perceive this book as a fully definitive and yet completely unbiased guide concerning whether or not to undergo replacement knee surgery or replacement hip surgery, and if knee surgery or hip surgery is chosen, to guide them through the journey to a successful outcome. We also want them to feel confident in recommending this book to their friends (and anybody who might benefit) whenever it might help people better understand the issues, travails, happiness, pain and requisite wisdom of these two journeys; and how they-- as the patient--are so integrally responsible for creating a marvelous and successful outcome. Dr. Hugate:
“In July of 2009, I met a new patient in my office by the name of Robert Holland. Robert eventually underwent successful surgery on his painful knee. During routine follow-up exams, we took a few extra moments and discussed his struggles while researching basic information regarding joint replacement procedures. He explained to me that he was quite frustrated by the fact that it was so difficult to find good, reliable and accurate information about the entire joint replacement process. He felt that much of the information available was either too technically oriented, or written in such a way that the reader feels like a student being lectured by a professor and getting lost in the technical jargon.”

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