What inspired us to write this book about Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement?

The need for this handbook first became obvious to coauthor, Robert Holland, when he realized he needed knee replacement surgery and (in searching through the World Wide Web, libraries and bookstores [large and small]), found that there was no trustworthy, up-to-date, unbiased, and yet fully definitive book in the marketplace that covered what he needed to know before he went to the surgeon's office. His understanding of this process (after having experienced the knee replacement journey twice within a fairly close time period [due to unforeseen conditions]), led him to conclude that he should write such a book and that the time was ripe for a proper, new and comprehensive treatment of the subject matter. Not long after Dr. Hugate revised Robert’s initial knee implant, Robert commented on his perceptions and intentions and Dr. Hugate offered to help.

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