What are the Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement Book’s Themes?

One of our major themes is to help people understand whether they need a hip replacement or knee replacement, or if they should be considering other, non-surgical options, i.e. helping our readers to understand what non-surgical options are available. The next major theme is as follows: if either hip surgery or knee surgery turns out to be the best option, we want to provide the reader with a comprehensive look at all of the most common issues, knowledge needed, preparation for surgery, pitfalls and requirements (in terms of the patient’s own responsibilities) for the successful journey through a joint replacement and in creating a positive outcome. Within this book we also present never-before-seen diagrams (which are either preceded or followed by explanation) and are depicted in such a manner as to further clarify and elucidate both the technical and non-technical rhetoric. Another theme woven throughout is advice given both to (and about) the roles of the caregivers and/or extended family members who are associated with the patient and who must accompany the patient on this journey through joint replacement, as well as the points-of-view of their medical professional caregivers. Lastly, due to the fact that multiple contributors comment throughout the book in various places, we have included a theme using avatars and text/font (related to the respective type of rhetoric [comment versus text]) to make it easy for the reader to determine which writer is speaking. For example, immediately preceding [and to the left of] the comments and any change-of-writer within a chapter—there is an icon (or 'avatar') to let the reader know who is speaking in the following passage—thus creating a thematic, iconographical road map. As such, this book is also a guide concerning whether or not to undergo replacement knee surgery or replacement hip surgery, and if knee surgery or hip surgery is chosen, to guide them through the journey to a successful outcome.

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