What is the Structure of the Hip and Knee Handbook?

The structure of our book is both chronologically and logically presented to the reader in the order most needed to create a comprehensive understanding of the primary issues and major decision points of the journey through joint replacement. There are comments when needed, identified by avatars as icons, throughout, and these are identified by a consistent font change as well. All of these combines to make the book an excellent and well organized reference. Among the strengths of our handbook are the various perspectives we bring to the table. This handbook has two coauthors and three contributors who lend their voices, opinions, and wisdom in various places throughout. Accordingly, we have made it very easy for you (the reader) to determine which writer is speaking. The text of this handbook is broken down into the standard text and interposed commentary from our various contributors. In the Kindle and Paperback Versions, commentary text will be preceded by small avatars (which are postage stamp pictures) for that particular comment. Comments are ended with a tilde-asterisk-tilde (~*~) so you know when the author (of whichever comment you’re reading) is speaking. In all versions, you will also notice that the font used in the comment text differs from that of the standard text.

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